Recipes - Texas Cottage Food Law (2024)

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Lab Tested Recipes

Every recipe has been tested by an accredited laboratory for pH and water activity. I show you the test results for every recipe, regardless of whether the recipe is TCS or NTCS. I truly believe there is value in knowing if a recipe is TCS, even if Texas law doesn't allow us to sell it!


These two e-books contain thousands of dollars worth of testing results for only $20, saving you time and money.

Connecticut Cottage Bakers

The recipes that do not require time or temperature control for safety are allowed to be used by Connecticut cottage bakers without further testing! Click or tap the thumbs up icon for more information

Montana Cottage Bakers

Recommended by Montana Food Systems Resources for Montana producers.

Knowledge is power

Have you ever wondered exactly what factors determine if food requires time and temperature control for safety? I explain the factors in basic terms and include a visual chart on every recipe to show why that recipe is TCS or NTCS.

Delicious Results

Every recipe is a tried and true recipe that will not fail. These are recipes you can build your business on. Your customers will love the products you provide to them!

Minnesota cottage bakers

The Minnesota Farmers Market Association recommends some of the recipes in the books. Click or tap the star icon for more details.

New Jersey Home Bakers

Recommended by the New Jersey Home Bakers Association.

What frostings and fillings can I sell?

All foods sold under the Texas Cottage Food Law must not require time or temperature control for safety (TCS). But it’s almost impossible to be sure that a frosting or filling is not temperature controlled for safety (NTCS) without having it tested. That’s why I had over 50 different recipes tested by an accredited laboratory, and I’m offering the recipes and test results in my e-books: Come and Bake It: Original and Come and Bake It: Pumpkin Spice Edition.

Pro tip: save 33% when you bundle them together!

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Single E-Book

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  • History of the Texas Cottage Food Law
  • 14 NTCS Recipes
  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • Cream Cheese Frosting
  • American Buttercream
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Lemon Curd
  • Coconut Pecan Filling
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Single E-Book

PDF Download

  • 3 Inspiring Baker Profiles
  • 23 NTCS Recipes
  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Pumpkin Roll + Filling
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Carrot Cake
  • Fruit Fillings
  • Cream Cheese Frosting Variations
  • Cooked Flour Frosting

PDF Download


Save 33%

  • Both books!
  • Buy together and save!
  • Recipes not tested or endorsed by Texas DSHS. Texas law does not authorize DSHS or a local health department to either authorize or disallow recipes.
  • Reported test results are not guaranteed and may vary from your actual experience.
  • All information provided herein is as is, with all faults, and without any warranties, whether express or implied.

New: Hard Copy Option!

  • Both editions bound into one large book (Vol. 1 & 2 combined)
  • Convenient hard copy to keep in your kitchen.
  • Comb bound book that lays flat.
  • Color photos and high quality paper.
  • Protective plastic front and back covers.
  • Ships to you from Texas (sales tax applies to Texas residents)
  • $55.00 – USPS Priority domestic shipping ($9.85) with tracking included
  • US shipping only; no international shipping available

Get your hard copy for $55.00 - USPS Priority shipping within USA is included!

* International shipping not available.

International bakers, please consider the instant PDF download option.

Happy Customers

"I bought your recipe book because I needed to work on a NPH buttercream and my local health inspector required me to have the recipe tested by a lab. I made your Swiss buttercream and sent a sample to [a lab]. It came back with similar numbers you provided and my Food Service License was therefore approved! Thank you so much for providing me with your research and expertise. Without your book I would not have been able to start this new pastry business!"

"The book is fabulous!! Have yet to try a recipe that isn't amazing! Eye opener! And if anyone here has any hesitation about the book... it is well worth it!! The best money I have spent on a recipe book ever!"

"What a great job on Come and Bake It 2. LOVE it. Well thought out, and SO many recipes. I can sell what I make with confidence, knowing the recipe I used was tested and proven safe. I'm grateful to have this helpful tool as I continue to bake from home."

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the new recipes in Come and Bake It Fall version! I've been trying to find fillings that are non-potentially hazardous and it's been an uphill road. Imagine my delight at so many fruit-based fillings! Keep up the good work Kelley; we appreciate it!"

As a previous Connecticut cottage baker, this was a life saver. I make all my buttercreams from these books. I was the first in my town to apply for a license and what a joy it was when they approved it. Now as a Texas baker the transition was really smooth. These books are definitely the backbone of my business.

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M. Patricia

Recipes - Texas Cottage Food Law (2024)


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