Hear Us Out: Kane’s Revive Recovery Shoes Are Ideal for a Runner's Day Off (2024)

The RW Takeaway: Backed by the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, the Kane Revive is an athlete-pleaser designed for weary feet.

  • A sustainable purchase you can feel good about
  • Thoughtful cushioning balanced with support
  • Contemporary style in a slip-on

Price: $65
Size: 3 to 15 (M), 5 to 17 (W)
Colors: six, including white/pacific speckle, white/spring speckle, heather/pink

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Recovery shoe 101 is a little hard to figure out for some runners. Do you need them? When do you need them? How and when should you wear them? What works for some people might not work for everyone. After a long run, maybe it feels best to take off your shoes and socks and let your bare feet connect directly with the ground. For me, the first thing I do after removing my running shoes is slip on something with extra cushion and a little support. To me it’s like giving your foot a much needed hug. Slippers can cause overheating. Slides let your foot air out but can’t provide all-over comfort.

In walks a new kind of recovery shoe: the Kane Revive. The Revive was developed by CEO John Gagliardi, founding member of the Maverik Lacrosse apparel company, Dr. Daniel Geller, a renowned foot and ankle surgeon who is on-staff at Providence St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica and is the Foot & Ankle Director of K&B Surgical Center in Beverly Hills, CA, and Bobby Riley, a brand-builder at Solider Unlimited. It’s is designed to provide both muscle stimulation and comfort. It’s also sustainably made.

Sustainable Footwear

Recently launched out of Westport, CT, the Revive recovery shoe boasts 75 percent eco-sustainable material made from Brazilian sugarcane, and is a 100-percent recyclable shoe. I love the idea of a running product that is good for me and not bad for the earth. Sales of Revive will benefit the environment through Kane’s membership with 1% For the Planet, and the shoe has a pending B-Corp certification.

Kane wanted to use wearer feedback to help improve their business, which is why they decided to launch the Revives on Kickstarter. The official commercial release is set for summer 2021. I tested a pair in a size 7. The shoes come in whole sizes only, and Kane recommends sizing down or up depending on your fit preference (i.e., snug vs. relaxed). In fact, even though I’m usually a 7.5 or 8, the shoe was a tad big both in length and width. That extra room was a plus, however, because it allowed me spread out my toes and relax.

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Kane Revive shoe mold.

The shoe has a stiff upper with patterned holes cut out for breathability. It looks chunky but it’s incredibly light and provides a lot of bounce and cushion. It’s a cloud-like walking experience, but there’s enough support for someone like me with slightly high arches, and it doesn’t feel bulky nor get in the way of your natural step. The inside footbed has rubber nodes designed to massage pressure points and, according to Kane, activate blood flow.

The Revives look like a stylish and contemporary rendition of Crocs, but these slip-ons require a little bit of finesse to pull on. This is one of the reasons why the pull tab on the heel comes in handy. The string’s long length is ideal for attaching the two shoes to a carabineer to clip onto your bag. Although the Revives are comfy enough to wear lounging around the house, I took them for a spin on a few high-energy dog walks. They’re also great for running errands and even light hiking.

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Recovery Shoes That Are Good for the Earth

The Revive recovery shoe is stylishly designed, Earth-friendly, and athlete-focused. It provides a comfortable fit, especially post-long run when you want to give your tired feet a little extra love.

The shoes are currently available on Kickstarter: $55 per pair if you buy now as an “Early Adopter”; $65, regular price; or two for a discounted price of $115.

Running is something I really enjoy but lately it has not always been easy to get out the door. I try to remind myself of the post-run rewards: snacks and relaxation. Recovery shoes, like Kane’s Revive, are now a staple of that routine.

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Amy Wolff

Amy Wolff is the photo director ofPopular Mechanics,Bicycling,andRunner’s World, overseeing visual content for print and digital. Though her first love is the visual image, she’s a dedicated runner, loves the bike and as a new homeowner, learning new skills everyday.

Hear Us Out: Kane’s Revive Recovery Shoes Are Ideal for a Runner's Day Off (2024)


Should you wear recovery shoes all day? ›

Recovery shoes shouldn't be worn all day – Standard footwear and performance shoes are made to be worn for long hours at a time to support your feet during the hard impact of a workout. By contrast, recovery shoes are not meant to be worn all day, or even a longer extended period for that matter.

Can you wear Kane shoes all day? ›

Our active recovery sneakers will be the only shoes you'll grab for the work days ahead. Healthcare workers of all kinds can benefit from our superior shock absorption and traction. The Kane Revive's dual density construction delivers generous cushioning and active support—all day long.

Do runners need recovery shoes? ›

With all the pounding your feet take on the run, the muscles need to recover from the work they do, Frisch adds. This is where recovery shoes come in. Designed to counter the effects of time and pressure on your feet, most recovery shoes absorb the impact of walking thanks to their highly cushioned outsole.

How does Kane footwear help with recovery? ›

Our active recovery shoes cushion from front to back, allowing your foot to maintain its natural position without exacerbating pressure on sensitive areas. Plus, our shoe's many air holes deliver the utmost freshness, keeping any hot, swollen or uncomfortable feet cool.

What do podiatrists say about OOFOS? ›

It's not a gimmick: In fact, every single Oofos style carries the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. "The toe box is accommodative and the sole is propulsive, which helps it improve the quality of your gait," shared NYC-based podiatrist Dr.

Can OOFOS be worn all day? ›

But people who suffer from various foot issues find that the amazing impact absorption properties of OOFOS provide the relief they're looking for. As well as people just looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe for all day wearing.

What is the purpose of Kane shoes? ›

The shoe combines scientific principles with sustainable materials to create footwear that helps athletes recover in comfort and style.

Are Kanes better than Crocs? ›

Because there's a real heel on Kane shoes, they will, by default, fit better than a pair of Crocs. This makes them great for just walking around, but also as a slightly outdoorsy shoe, perfect for river and lake days, or even some light hiking.

Do you wear socks with Kane shoes? ›

When you wear them with socks, perforations in the upper give you unlimited color combinations. You can also wear them without socks, knowing the shoes are bacteria resistant and odor resistant.

Do you wear socks with recovery shoes? ›

You can wear it with or without socks, but I vastly preferred wearing it without—it felt better from a breathability standpoint, and it seemed to fit better and slip less when I wasn't wearing socks.

What are recovery shoes for runners? ›

Recovery footwear is a type of footwear designed to help your feet recover after exercise. Their looks can vary from brand to brand, but there are a few hallmark features shared by all recovery footwear. Primarily, recovery footwear is typically made from soft, cushioning materials and should have a supportive footbed.

Do recovery shoes really work? ›

Recovery Sandals — The Verdict

The shoes may correlate with recovery, but there's no certain causal relationship,” says Mark Cucuzzella, M.D., a professor at the West Virginia University School of Medicine and director of the Natural Running Center. (3) The issue being there is no real way to measure recovery.

Do Kane shoes run big or small? ›

The shoes come in whole sizes only, and Kane recommends sizing down or up depending on your fit preference (i.e., snug vs. relaxed).

Can Kane shoes get wet? ›

Kane Revive's generous cushioning, arch support and unmatched breathability work in tandem to deliver the best experience on dry land, wet surfaces and in water.

Do Kane shoes run small? ›

Kane's shoes are unisex, the sizing is listed in both men's and women's equivalents, and there are no half sizes. They recommend sizing down for a snug fit, and up for a more generous one.

How long should you use recovery boots for? ›

Your physical therapist will be able to recommend the right amount of compression time for your body, but 20 minutes is plenty of time for most athletes, Wilson said. Avoid using compression boots for more than 30 or 40 minutes at a time, Becourtney said.

Can you walk long distances in OOFOS? ›

In fact, OOFOS' proprietary foam (unsurprisingly called OOfoam) absorbs 37 percent more impact than the materials used in traditional footwear, according to the brand. And it's not a joke: I recently wore the sneakers on a three-plus-mile walk on gravel trails, concrete sidewalks, and dirt paths.

How long do you have to wear recovery boots? ›

The recommended length of time to wear NormaTec boots for recovery from an intensive workout will typically be between 20 to 60 minutes, with most patients opting for around 30-minute sessions. However, this timeline will heavily depend on everyone's specific needs and goals from the therapy.

Are recovery sandals good for walking? ›

Corrective Support: Some recovery sandals are designed with corrective support features that help correct foot and gait issues, such as overpronation or supination. This can improve walking and running form and reduce the risk of future injuries.


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